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Dylan is my name NOT DOOKIE! Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Dylan is my name NOT DOOKIE!" journal:

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August 8th, 2004
05:09 pm




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04:52 pm


yea... new journal
i think im gonna get a new journal because i now hate the name dookie(or dooke) hmmmm what shall the name be? any suggestions comment or at elast give me another 5 bucks

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02:01 pm


damn it when is my hellfest shirt gonna be here i ordered it like a week and a half ago and it still not here

Current Mood: angry and anxious
Current Music: humming of my computer

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01:28 pm


yea...warped tour rocked
umm we went there had to wait on line for 45 minutes then we saw motion city soundtrack whho were awesome then we waited around a bit me,mike,and i think andrew went to check out tiger army they were good they played never died and fuck the world then flogging molly played i saw a 5 year old with like a lars fredrickson bandana they kid was cooler than me when i was his age :( then NFG played they sucked while they were playing i went to the front of the other stage for coheed and cambria one kid kciked a rpingles can and it hit me innthe head and bounced off and it some girl in the lip the kid was a dumbass then i was the fornt of the crowd man they were awesome then after they palyed taking back sunday went on i rushed over there and got to see them then when i jumped up just get a beter view of them some guy is like wanna go up so i did but there was a barrier so noone got on stage my only 10 bux fell outta my pocket so that pissed me off after that i just watched taking back sunday from far the same distance i was before than after that we walked around a bit saw the casulties man they suck then saw a good bit of bad religon they were great then we had to leave overall it was awesome i just wished i borugh more money so i could have bought some merch well thats it whoa thats pretty long for a journal entry by ME well catch ya on the flip side

Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
Current Music: Every Time I Die - pornograptherphy

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August 7th, 2004
02:56 am



Coheed & Cambria
Taking Back Sunday
Tiger Army
Lars Frederickson and the Bastards
Matchbook Romance
Motion City Soundtrack
Tokyo Rose

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: FATA - all i taste of today is whats her name

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02:46 am


yea... today was cool
today was fun davis comes into my hosue at like 1:30 and shakles my bed and i turned and i see davis and im like what the fuck are you doing here get out so then mike comes and on our way to the renaiscne fair but then when we get there it ends up they were for saturday so we go back to mikes house eat pizza on the roof of his shed and i took a piece of piiza and slammed right against mikes face and other happened davis thrwoing hacket and making gross fondu shit and we found out rick james was cdead i called everybody and left messages on random peoples named in the phone book then we walked to the pond and mike gets on a stone pilar and hes like rick james is dead! and then the lifeguard like GET DOWN and mikes like bye it was funny then we chilled in trunk of the van and then to the show poison youth was awesome as usaul and Jones played a taking back sunday song and a brand new song i sang along (yea make fun all you want you know i have a sexy voice) went to subway with kaitlynn and 300 other peoples then when we were on the way back scott and mike see me and scotts mjust picks me up and puts me over his shoulder it loked like he didnt even think mcuh of it then we hung around the parking lot and then mikes mom borught us home

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: MISFITS - London Deugon

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August 5th, 2004
10:01 pm


yea... not saying anything

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09:56 pm


got my new glasses black rimmed oh yea so sexy

(if i get 30 signatures i can drop the name)

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03:22 pm


Taking Back Sunday vs. Brand New: Taking Back Sunday

The Mars Volta vs. Coheed & Cambria: The Mars Volta way better

The Used vs. A Static Lullaby: fuck em both

Thursday vs. My Chemical Romance: i hate both but my chemical romance

The Clash vs. The Distillers: WTF?! DUH! THE F'ing CLASH!

Motion City Soundtrack vs. Something Corporate: motion city soundtraack SC sux

Fall Out Boy vs. The Starting Line: ewwwww

Count the Stars vs. Matchbook Romance: matchbook romance

Saves the Day vs. Mest: i hate mest more so saves the day

Rancid vs. NoFx: Rancid

The Early November vs. Yellowcard: ewwww but i guess early novembr becuase i hate yellowcard

From Autumn to Ashes vs. Glassjaw: FATA BIZZOTCH!

Alkaline Trio vs. Vendetta Red: i never heard vendetta red but i have heard ALK3 and hate it so i guess vendetta red

Blink 182 vs. CKY: niether

Finch vs. Thrice: hmmm hate both

Saosin vs. Atreyu: hate em both

Get Up Kids vs. Less Than Jake: Get UP Kids only cause i hate less than jake

Rufio vs. Slick Shoes: i guess rufio

Senses Fail vs. Story of the Year: Senses Fail BITCH!

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August 4th, 2004
07:34 am


mood: tired
music: some commericial for that michael jackson movie on VH1
Name:: kDylan
Age:: 14
Height:: i think like 5' 1 or 2"
Hair Color:: diry blonde ish
Eye Color:: brown
School Life
What's your school's mascot?: crusader
School color(s)?: purple and white
G.P.A.?: its ok
Who is your favorite teacher?: MR Dudzik
What do they teach?: Social Studies
Is this your favorite class?: no
Do you use any instant messengers?: hell yea
If so, which ones?: AIM
About how many hours a day do you spend online?: i dont sleep so always
Do you have a digital camera?: nope
If so, do you post pictures of yourself online?: no
Do you play any instruments?: yea
If so, what one(s)?: bass, occasionaly drum
3 Favorite Genres Of Music: punk,emo,ska
3 Favorite Bands:: the clash,taking back sunday,green day
Do you go to concerts and/or shows?: local shows and i have been to one festival
What is the most you've ever spent on a concert/show?: 70 for a 3 day pass
What is the least you've ever spent?: i think i might have gotten into a show for free at club culture when my borther palyed
Do you think buying merch at a concert then wearing it there is corny?: i've done it
Do you listen to any bands that you'd be ashamed to admit to listening to?: i listen to what i like if i like it theres nothing to be ahsmaed of
Did you notice the grammatical error in question 29?: who cares
Word Association
Blue:: guitar
Camera:: lens
Boy:: roy
Pretty:: ugly
Pants:: fight
Music:: sung
God:: fuck
Sweater:: red
Live Journal:: blue
MTV:: music
Labels: rip
Do you think labels are dumb?: i dont care
What do people label you as?: emo,goth(althought not), hippie(also not)
How/Why did you get this label?: music i listen to kids i hang out with and the lngth of my hair
Which Is Worse?
Physical Pain/Emotional Pain?: eemotional deifinalty emotional
Blink-182/Good Charlotte?: hmmmm i hate them both but travis barker is awesome so B182 (happy kylie?)
Being Deaf/Being Blind?: sight we depend on it more than sound
Being Bored/Rushing around because you have too much to do?: being bored than you can do something
Losing your dominant leg/Losing your dominant arm?: arm
Do you believe theres a difference between "love" and "in love"?: WTF?
Is it better to have loved and lossed than to have never loved at all?: shut up
Are you romantic?: i dunno
Are you in a relationship now?: unfortunatly no
If so, for how long?: im not didnt i tell you
If not, how long have you been single?: long
Are you a virgin?: yes or am I ? no i seriously am though
What song describes your love life right now?: i think shut the fuck up works best
War: Good or Bad?: bad
What do you think of designer labels?: a little redicularlly priced and kinda advertise themselves
Who's skankier: Britney Spears or Paris Hilton?: Paris Hilton has the sex tape
What is it with guys and cars?: I'm a guy im not obcessed i just want to have one to get me places
Do you sing?: yea not good though
If so, what part (Soprano 1,Alto 2, et cetera)?: the not good one
Kiss or hug?:kiss
What color is your room?: blue
How old is your mom?: 49
Black and white or color photos? black and white is more artsy looking
Who cuts your hair?: JErry at SOHO SALON
What color is your toothbrush?: blue
What color is your hair brush?: comb is pink i think ( hey tha rymed)
What kind of hair products do you use?: none i just comb it
Is K-Mart just the poor man's Wal-Mart?: yea walmart is far more gangsta
Are you sXe?:: not really
Are you sexy?: not at all
What color to people tells you looks nice on you?: i dunno
What color do you think looks nice on you?: black and green
Clothes shopping or grocery shopping?: i dunno
Who do you sit with at lunch? i sat with ted,kaitlynn, and brandi
Do you like the sound of your own voice when you hear it played back?: it sounds hihg pitched
Who has the nicest speaking voice that you know?: i like kaitlynns voice
What is the website for one of your favorite bands?: www.nttr.net and www.takingbacksunday.com
Do you prefer to date people younger, older, or the same age as you?: my age
Do you listen to songs on repeat often?: if it kickz ass
Who was the last person you hung out with?: scott,davis who are sleeping right now
What did you and that person do?: we watched bill and teds excellent adventure
Do you use internet shorthand (i.e. "lol", "brb", "jk", et cetera)?: all the time
How often do you bathe?: once a day
Are you a people-pleaser?: maybe usaully people donmt get annoyed
Do you dye your hair regularly?: no i might dye it black but im not sure
What about your eyebrows?: no


Do you wear makeup?: i dont plan to
If you answered "yes", to #96, are you female?: N/A
Do you buy CDs edited or unedited?: unedited
Can you beatbox?: yes horribly
Does your mom like the song "Hey Ya" by OutKast?: no idea but who doesnt

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